Daughtry Blackjack at Red Rock Casino Las Vegas NV

So Mix 94.1 has commissioned me to photograph Chris Daughtry along with his band playing blackjack with contest winners from the radio. It was like 10:30 AM on a Friday, and after a semi-long night of partying and little sleep, I was ready to snap some killer shots of this semi-private event for a "semi-" popular star....yeah right...everyone and their mother knows who Daughtry is!

I could tell that the guys were totally just waking up and that having a camera in their faces wouldnt be too fun for 45 minutes so i took a rather large amount of candid shots using only available light. This photo is probably the only shot that i really asked Chris to pose for because i knew it would be a money ass shot!

(click to enlarge)

I would have to say that being the time of day and the just waking up factor, the guys were pretty nice and understanding about having me shoot these shots. The nice pit boss guy who let us use the cards for the shot had Chris sign them since they were in this shot. He said he is going to use my print to put in a case with the signed cards for display...nifty!

Also here is a nifty candid of Chris thinking about his next move:

(click to enlarge)

(Starbucks in Hand)

Here is the entire set of 105 photos from that event:


Special thanks to John at Red Rock for being so cool about everything!


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Big B @ Icehouse Lounge for Ink Fridays

Just uploaded all the pics from Icehouse Lounge from Ink Fridays on June 27th 2008. Big B & The Dirtball (suburban noize records), Opium Alibi, Slow to Surface, and not to mention, the Miss Ink Bikini Contest.

Here is a link to the photos:




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Solar Power @ Jillian's Las Vegas

Scott (Grand Element), Nick, and Tommy got together and jammed over at jillians for the upstairs gigs called "Club Synergy" on May 16th.

Here are some quick previews followed by the link:

Scott (click to enlarge)

Tommy (click to enlarge)

Nick (click to enlarge)

Solar Power (click to enlarge)

Solar Power Live! (click to enlarge)

Naked Chick Undergoing Body Painting by Orlando (click to enlarge)


Thanks to Scott, Nick, Tommy, Bryan, Tori, Pat, Nathan, Nips, Monique, Nick&Vanessa, Orlando, and the painted chick for coming out and letting me take your picture!



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Red Rock National Park - Ragged Edges

Red Rock Ragged Edges - This climb had a PHAT crack running up the middle. These photos probably didn't do this climb much justice because I was pretty dang tired and probably a little too "distracted" to really accomplish anything of value. Nonetheless, please enjoy these as there are some nifty shots of a butterfly and some leaves.

Here is J.Ray Doing a nice foot move...i am still learning the lingo guys, sorry in advance!
(click to enlarge)

Also, here is Nathan preparing to "jug the fixed line" (click to enlarge)

Click here to see the rest of this image set:

Red Rock Ragged Edges Photos by Fred Morledge

As always, please comment and subscribe to the blog. Include the image numbers when doign a critique.

Thanks to Bryan, Johnny Ray, Skippy, and Nathan for coming out and helping!

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