Finally, after much work and time, the extreme thing photos ARE DONE....and....ONLINE!!!!

View Extreme Thing 2009 Photos by PhotoFM.com on Flickr!

View Extreme Thing 2009 Photos by PhotoFM.com on PhotoFM.com

Mike Biggs made a sweet ass menu for my Extreme Thing 2009 photos viewable on the link above.

Thanks go out to everyone who made this possible.

SAMPLE IMAGES FROM "THE CROWD" Section (click to enlarge)

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Broken End Otherwise & Shatterance At House of Blues Las Vegas, NV at the Mandalay Bay

So I have been swamped with life lately. For those of you in my life, you already know what i mean. But for those of you who don't really give a Eff and just wanna see some kick ass pics of some kick ass bands...look no further! Click the link below to view the images:

Broken End Otherwise Shatterance Photo Gallery Link

And a few samples:

(click to enlarge)
Ryan & Adrian Patrick of Otherwise Rocking out

(click to enlarge)
Wes of Las Vegas Hardcore Metal band diM and Ryan of Broken End doing a tune together

Enjoy Bitches!