NAMM 2009 Day 4: The Final Countdown

NAMM has been fun. Working these past few days brushing shoulders with some of the greatest guitarists ever has been a real treat for me. Dick Dale, Gary Hoey, Ulrich Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Greg Koch, and Eric Johnson just to name a few. Hung out with Nick and Joey, that was cool. I met up with my buddy Wes too! That was also cool :)

So here is your moment of Zen (TOMMY THIS MEANS YOU) with a photoset:

Here is the photoset link:



NAMM Nick Rich Part II

In this update, I adventure with Nick to the Marriot where he played a cover of "California Love" with a band called "The Uglistick". We also took some fun pics while waiting for him to go on.

Photos here:




NAMM Nick Rich Part I

The NAMM conference is an interesting place. It brings a very diverse crowd of people that is pretty random. Rockers to Suits at NAMM and everything in between. Kinda makes you feel like a number.

I managed to run into some friends, Nick Rich and Joey from Age oV Reason. We walked around meeting random people that Nick knew while he banged on just about every fun looking drum he could find.

Anyway here is some photos: