Otherwise @ House of Blues Las Vegas, NV

Otherwise headlined a show at the House of Blues and I managed to make it out to take some photos. They totally rocked the place and i got some killer shots out of the evening like this classic shot:
(click to enlarge)

A quick photo tip/technique for all of you photo nerds/strobists: In some of the images of the people hanging out at the bar in the crowd photos section, i bounced the flash off of a yellow/orange ceiling or off of the wooden floor back onto the subject.

(click to enlarge)

Normally, this would cause a yellow/orange cast on the subject, but the neat thing about shooting in raw is being able to white balance after the fact in post. I set my white balance to "Tungsten" in ACR for these images to correct for the cast. Now the other cool thing about doing this is that around the venue there are all kinds of tungsten colored lights on the cieling and sound equipment and behind the bar. This sets both the ambient lighting and my supplemental bounce flash to around the same color temperature creating a uniform white balance in the shot. This is very similar to using a CTO gel over a strobe as explained on the
Strobist blog here.

For all of you extreme photoshop geeks, this means that we can do some extreme color pushing with the new whitebalance from the yellow bounce like so in this fabulous photo of Bob cupping my breast:
(click to enlarge)

So anyway enough chit chat. Lets look at some photos!

Here is the link:

Otherwise Photos


Anonymous Alex said...

Out of all the breasts in the picture, he cupped yours??

August 16, 2008 9:21 AM  

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