Nick Rich @ VooDoo Lounge Rio Las Vegas

Last Thurdsday night I photographed Nick Rich, The Drummer KC, and Leddie Garcia at VooDoo Lounge on top of The Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. There was a shitload of people there. I had to practically knock people over to get to the stage where I saw Nick standing on the sidelines waiting to be called up to play. He looked a little anxious, but come on, its Nick Rich...he becomes pure energy when sitting in that chair. Energy just moves, unquestioning the future, posessing no fear. The drummer KC was playing when I came into the picture and he had some pretty cute girls cheering him on. They obviously got a photo from me :) Once I managed to get down to the stage, I hooked up with Nick and Mike Booth (guitarist for Nick's band "Opium Alibi") who were both on the stage's left side. I loaded some fresh batteries into my 580EX and snapped some fun shots of nick with the staircase behind him to showcase the doomness I had to overcome to get to the stage :)

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Once Nick went up everyone went pretty damn crazy, especially once they got a little taste of the goodness. The Pink Cookies fashion show was going on in the background which heightened the fun by adding hot women in booty shorts to the photos.

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Not to mention the fact that this venue is on the edge of the roof of the Rio Hotel & Casino! The backdrop of these shots is The Las Vegas Strip!

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Also, Vic Firth will hopefully get to use some of these for a future promo ad featuring Nick holding their sticks!

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As usual, here is link to ALL 150 photos from the event:




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