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As of 4/20/2011, this blog will be dormant and all of my updating will be done via Flickr at this link:

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I will most likely update this blog on my tour this summer, if not, just keep watching the Flickr page!

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Finally, after much work and time, the extreme thing photos ARE DONE....and....ONLINE!!!!

View Extreme Thing 2009 Photos by PhotoFM.com on Flickr!

View Extreme Thing 2009 Photos by PhotoFM.com on PhotoFM.com

Mike Biggs made a sweet ass menu for my Extreme Thing 2009 photos viewable on the link above.

Thanks go out to everyone who made this possible.

SAMPLE IMAGES FROM "THE CROWD" Section (click to enlarge)

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Broken End Otherwise & Shatterance At House of Blues Las Vegas, NV at the Mandalay Bay

So I have been swamped with life lately. For those of you in my life, you already know what i mean. But for those of you who don't really give a Eff and just wanna see some kick ass pics of some kick ass bands...look no further! Click the link below to view the images:

Broken End Otherwise Shatterance Photo Gallery Link

And a few samples:

(click to enlarge)
Ryan & Adrian Patrick of Otherwise Rocking out

(click to enlarge)
Wes of Las Vegas Hardcore Metal band diM and Ryan of Broken End doing a tune together

Enjoy Bitches!


Extreme Thing 2009 Teaser

(click all pics to enlarge)
Extreme Thing 2009.....what a day!

Here is a teaser photo set for you to gawk at until i can get to editing all 2,200 images from that day:

EXTREME THING 2009 Teaser Photo Gallery Link
Scott Russo offering me some mysterious grape flavored beverage....

Big B Posing for a quick shot...

Diego (Eyes Like Diamonds Singer) showing the camera some love...

Diego On Stage...

...and BIG shouts go out to HighDro for being a KICKASS MOTHERFUCKER and rolling with me all day....honestly i wouldnt have been able to do this shit without you bro..sorry about the sunburn yo :)


NAMM 2009 Day 4: The Final Countdown

NAMM has been fun. Working these past few days brushing shoulders with some of the greatest guitarists ever has been a real treat for me. Dick Dale, Gary Hoey, Ulrich Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Greg Koch, and Eric Johnson just to name a few. Hung out with Nick and Joey, that was cool. I met up with my buddy Wes too! That was also cool :)

So here is your moment of Zen (TOMMY THIS MEANS YOU) with a photoset:

Here is the photoset link:



NAMM Nick Rich Part II

In this update, I adventure with Nick to the Marriot where he played a cover of "California Love" with a band called "The Uglistick". We also took some fun pics while waiting for him to go on.

Photos here:




NAMM Nick Rich Part I

The NAMM conference is an interesting place. It brings a very diverse crowd of people that is pretty random. Rockers to Suits at NAMM and everything in between. Kinda makes you feel like a number.

I managed to run into some friends, Nick Rich and Joey from Age oV Reason. We walked around meeting random people that Nick knew while he banged on just about every fun looking drum he could find.

Anyway here is some photos:





Snow in Las Vegas

So it snowed in Las Vegas!!! It actually stuck too! Here is a link to the photoset:


And here is the preview shot for you: (click to enlarge)

Image info: Shot in the snow on a tripod, ISO 100, f/22, 30 sec. A car drove by causing streaks. This exposure was half way done when the streetlights came on.

Enjoy seeing this rare occasion!




Hey everyone who reads my humbly arrogant blog...

So............Bite of Las Vegas was like 2 months ago...i know....you think i am a slacker....wear my shoes....go ahead.

So here are a few highlight photos
followed by the link to the entire set of 936 photos:










okay and here is the link to the entire set...


happy viewing!

POST ME SOME DAMN COMMENTS EVEN IF ITS LIKE "cool" or something dammit!

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Otherwise Wins $10,000 in Diablo's Cantina's Rock the Roof Battle of the Bands in Las Vegas, NV

The air was curious this night. Energy flowing through it like none other. This was not just another night of drinking and shenanigans for Otherwise. This was a night of success. After months of competing in various stages of this Battle of the Bands at Diablo's Cantina in Las Vegas, NV, the local Las Vegas Band walked home with $10,000 in cash and prizes. I was there to capture this momentous occasion with class and style.
(click to enlarge)

So after drinking half a bottle of Sailor Jerry with Matt in the parking lot for financially obvious reasons, we decided to go inside this bar on the strip and drink some more:

(click to enlarge)
Matt getting Crunk-a-fied

(click to enlarge)
Me getting Crunk-a-fied

The gang from the Vegas Indoor Skydiving Tunnel were there and were also partying it up:

(click to enlarge)
So anyway, here you can view the photos via PhotoFM.com or my Flickr photostream:

View photos on PhotoFM.com

View photos as slideshow on Flickr!


Daughtry Blackjack at Red Rock Casino Las Vegas NV

So Mix 94.1 has commissioned me to photograph Chris Daughtry along with his band playing blackjack with contest winners from the radio. It was like 10:30 AM on a Friday, and after a semi-long night of partying and little sleep, I was ready to snap some killer shots of this semi-private event for a "semi-" popular star....yeah right...everyone and their mother knows who Daughtry is!

I could tell that the guys were totally just waking up and that having a camera in their faces wouldnt be too fun for 45 minutes so i took a rather large amount of candid shots using only available light. This photo is probably the only shot that i really asked Chris to pose for because i knew it would be a money ass shot!

(click to enlarge)

I would have to say that being the time of day and the just waking up factor, the guys were pretty nice and understanding about having me shoot these shots. The nice pit boss guy who let us use the cards for the shot had Chris sign them since they were in this shot. He said he is going to use my print to put in a case with the signed cards for display...nifty!

Also here is a nifty candid of Chris thinking about his next move:

(click to enlarge)

(Starbucks in Hand)

Here is the entire set of 105 photos from that event:


Special thanks to John at Red Rock for being so cool about everything!


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